In 2017, I started offering HIPAA compliant videoconference sessions (teletherapy).  It began with some clients who had been working in person with me who moved further away from my office.  I then took on some new clients who requested this method for their sessions.  

Teletherapy was popular with clients when we had a snow storm or weather challenging days.  When the Covid-19 pandemic happened, it became the only way to have appointments.  

I have written more about the benefits of teletherapy in my blog section of this website.  The following two paragraphs are excerpted from the blog post.  

Teletherapy has many benefits for clients.  One benefit is more flexibility.  It gives clients more time.  The commitment time is now just the length of the appointment.  There is no need to allow for traffic, finding a parking place, or sitting in the waiting room.  Clients can schedule appointments from home before work or in their office during lunch.  

Teletherapy can also improve the quality of counseling.  Having a session at home or in your office can make you feel more comfortable.  More of the session time is spent talking about client issues.  In person, traffic could delay the session start time or result in the client having to switch topics from being late to issues they want to discuss.  Adding another person to a session can be easier in a distance session.  Also there is a therapeutic benefit to having a session in the same place where the issues which bring them to counseling exist rather than in a counselor’s office.  

For more, please see the blog section of the website.