Other Areas of Specialization

In addition to working with chronic pain, LGBTQ, relationship and anxiety issues, I have much experience working with the following issues:

Anger :  People with anger often have explosive outbursts, overreactive hostility and agression.  Working with proven cognitive behavioral techniques, in therapy we can work on triggers, problem solving and being assertive not aggressive.
Cultural adjustment :  Those experiencing difficulties adjusting to a culture in many ways different from their own might have identity and self esteem issues triggered.  Therapy can help you reconcile your cultural identity with life in the community where you live and work.
Depression :  People with depression can have diminshed interest, lack of enjoyment, no energy, insomnia, lack of motivation, hopelessness and social withdrawal.  In therapy, they can develop healthy coping strategies, learn probelm solving and conflict resolution skills and learn to replace their negative self talk.
Low self esteem :  Examples of low self esteem issues include worthlessness, poor self image, lack of pride, fear of rejection and social discomfort.  Therapy can assist you in creating a positive self image, developing assertiveness and challenging negative beliefs.
Work-life balance :  In this area, many people struggle with creating a healthy work life blance.  Issues can include retirement, parenting, career challenges, career change and aging.  Therapy can help you talk these issues out and assist in adapting to challenges or creating a new path for yourself.

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Working from a person centered approach that views every person as unique, I use cognitive behavioral, positive psychology, psychoeducation and mindfulness techniques to assist in tapping into your (sometimes unexplored) self knowledge to create achievable goals that will allow you to reach your full potential.