Chronic Pain

Are you suffering from chronic pain? Pain from a recent diagnosis or a long term health issue? Current statistics show that 40-47% of the adult population or 111 million people suffer from it.

When in pain people can become totally absorbed by the pain and lose their sense of self or how to effectively address their problems. The physical pain can trigger emotional and mental pain which can make the physical pain feel worse. Whether just diagnosed or struggling to cope with this pain on a long term basis, it can impact your mood and increase anxiety.  The stress and anxiety from coping with pain and health issues can increase the pain.

Addressing, understanding and coping with the pain that can occur in daily life can be difficult to handle on our own sometimes.  People suffering from chronic pain issues often feel misunderstood by family, friends and even their doctors.  I work in a person centered/solution focused manner using cognitive behavioral concepts, positive psychology and mindfulness aimed at addressing the thoughts, stress, behavior and feelings that can occur when faced with chronic pain issues.

Through therapy, you can move beyond your pain to your full potential.